How to Burn Fat for Quicker Weight Loss


 How to Burn Fat for Quicker Weight Loss

If you are desperately trying to lose weight by doing workouts and avoid your favorite junk foods, it seems like there is nothing easy. Eating healthy food and taking exercise does take some work but it doesn’t require heroic effort. Making just a few simple lifestyle changes can be very helpful to lose weight. Here is a useful tip that how to burn fat from quicker weight loss technique. This tip can be undoubtedly helpful for everyone to lose weight.

Healthy tip for quicker weight loss


  • Bay leaves, fifty grams
  • Betel leaves, fifty grams


  1. Firstly, take a bowl
  2. Then, put fifty grams of bay leaves in the bowl
  3. Then, add fifty grams of betel leaves in the bowl
  4. Now, place the bowl under the sun
  5. Then, wait until the leaves become dry
  6. Later, crushed the leaves with your hands
  7. Then, take a blender
  8. Then, put these crushed leaves into the blender
  9. Now, blend these leaves well to make fine powder
  10. Then, put this powder in an airtight jar
  11. Finally, the powder is ready to use

How to use

  • Take one tbsp of this powder in the morning after taking the breakfast
  • If you are obese then, you can also take it by sprinkling on your food
  • If you are a diabetic patient, take medicines of diabetes first and then take one tbsp of this powder
  • You can also use this powder by mixing in a glass of lukewarm water
  • If you don’t like its taste, then you can also take it with the one tbsp of honey.
  • Use this remedy for at least three weeks regularly for better and effective results.


This tip is very beneficial not only to lose weight but also for the people who have the problem of increased serum insulin. The children can also use this powder.

You should also use this powder for Quicker Weight Loss.