Detox drink to lose weight and burn excess fats


Detox drink to lose weight and burn excess fats by natural ingredients

If you are fat and want to lose weight without doing hard exercise, then use this drink full of natural ingredients. Here is the method to make Detox drink to lose weight and burn excess fats.

Amazing way to lose weight and burn excess fats naturally


  • Cucumber, half
  • Spinach (small leaves), five to six
  • Aloe vera gel, three tbsp
  • Water, one cup
  • Mint leaves, few
  • Lemon, two


  1. Firstly, take a clean blender.
  2. Then, take half a cucumber along with its peel
  3. Now, wash it with the fresh water.
  4. Then, add it to the blender.
  5. Later, take five to six small fresh leaves of spinach.
  6. Now, wash them with the fresh water.
  7. Then, add them to the blender.
  8. Now, take three tbsp of aloe vera gel into the blender.
  9. Later, add half a cup of fresh water into the blender.
  10. Then, add few mint leaves into the mixture.
  11. After that, take two lemons.
  12. Then, cut them into two equal pieces.
  13. Now, pour out the juice of these lemons into the blender.
  14. Then, put the lid of the blender on it.
  15. Later, turn on the blender.
  16. Then, blend all the ingredients well.
  17. Now, turn off the blender.
  18. After that, put out the juice from the blender into the glass.
  19. Finally, drink the juice to make your look attractive and smart.

How to use

  • In first two days, drink this juice three to four times in a day without eating anything. In these days just drink pure water and this juice.
  • After three days, you can start eating but food that contains no carbohydrates along with this juice three times in a day.
  • Use this remedy for two months for getting positive results.

Try this drink to lose weight and burn excess fats.