Easy Way to Make Prickly Heat Powder At Home


Easy Way to Make Prickly Heat Powder At Home by Umm e Raheel

In the summer season, everyone especially women and children get affected by skin allergy, pimples and prickly heat. To overcome these problems, people use many remedies and medicines but all have an adverse impact on your body. The skin gets more affected due to the use of ordinary prickly heat powders that are easily available in the market. Here, is an easy way to make prickly heat powder at home with natural things. Just try out the steps given below.

How to Make Prickly Heat Powder by Natural Ingredients 


  • Grewia asiatica seeds (powdered), one tbsp
  • China Clay, two tbsp
  • Mint extract (menthol), one-fourth tsp
  • Tea tree essential oil, three to four tbsp


  1. Firstly, take a clean mixing bowl.
  2. Then, take some Grewia asiatica seeds.
  3. Now, add these seeds into the blender.
  4. Then, turn on the blender.
  5. Latter, blend the seeds well.
  6. Then, turn off the blender.
  7. Now, pour out the mixture from the blender.
  8. After that, take a clean bowl.
  9. Now, add one tbsp of powdered of Grewia Asiatica into the bowl.
  10. Then, add two tbsp of China Clay into the bowl.
  11. Now, add one-fourth tsp of mint extract (menthol) into the mixture.
  12. Later, add three to four tbsp of tea tree essential oil into the bowl.
  13. Now, mix all the ingredients well.
  14. Finally, the powder is ready to use.

How to use

  1. Apply this powder in the summer season to your body after every bath.
  2. You can also apply it on children’s body because it has a cooling effect.
  • You can apply it whenever you got prickly heat on your body during the summer season.
  1. This powder has no side effects.

Try this amazing way to make prickly heat powder at your home by using natural ingredients.