How to lose weight by Detox weight loss Powder


How to lose weight by Detox weight loss Powder by Dr. Shalini

Many people are worried about their gaining weight day by day. They use different medicines to get in shape back but didn’t get desired results. Today, I am sharing an amazing remedy to lose more than three to four inches by using homemade Detox weight loss Powder. This is made by four ingredients which help to detox your body and reduces your weight naturally. You can easily reduce up to seven kg by using this remedy. It is a natural source of losing weight without using any medicine.

Procedure to make Detox weight loss Powder

For making this powder at home, you have to follow the given procedure.


  • Flex seeds, one cup
  • Sesame seeds, one cup
  • Punar Nawa herb, one cup
  • Curry leaves, one bowl

How to make

  1. In the first step, roasts flex seeds on medium flame.
  2. Now, blend them by using a blender.
  3. Then, roast sesame seeds again on medium flame.
  4. Later, blend them by using a blender.
  5. Now take Punar Nawa herb powder.
  6. Take a mixing bowl and add the ingredients in it.
  7. In the last, add curry leave powder and add it in the bowl.
  8. Mix them well and store in an airtight container.

How to use

You have to use this Detox weight loss Powder two times a day with Detox water. First time in the early morning and second time in the evening before going to sleep. Use this remedy for two weeks regularly.

Benefits of Detox weight loss Powder

  • Cure constipation
  • Remove fats
  • Treat acidity
  • Strong bones
  • Treat hormonal imbalance
  • Care for menstrual problem
  • Can use after pregnancy
  • Thyroid treatment
  • Cure diabetes