Quick remedy to lose weight by using Gram flour


Quick remedy to lose weight by using Gram flour 

Gram flour is a highly nutritional food which provides us lots of health benefits. It has ahigh protein content that can be quickly consumed by vegetarians to fulfill their protein requirements. It not only useful for internal parts of your body but also burn your body fats that make you slim and smart. Gram flour is used as a homemade face pack to remove sun tan and to brighten the skin. It is such a multipurpose item that is why it has a permanent place in our kitchens. We all have the pleasure of tasting the delicious dishes made from gram flour as it is a desired ingredient for Asian homemade healthy snacks option. Besides all of these uses, you can also use it to lose your body fat. Just try this tip to lose weight by using Gram flour at home.

Amazing way to lose weight by using Gram flour 


  • Gram flour, four tsp
  • Castor oil, one tsp


  1. Firstly, take a bowl
  2. Then, add four tsp of gram flour into the bowl
  3. Now, add one tsp of castor oil in the mixture
  4. Then, mix both the ingredients well
  5. Now, mix until it looks like a thick paste
  6. Finally, the mixture is ready to use

How to use

  • Apply this paste on the part of your body where you have extra skin or fatness like belly, thighs, hips
  • It’s an overnight application so apply the paste at night and remove it next morning.
  • Use this remedy regularly to lose weight rapidly.
  • Use it only when your heart beat is fast like during walking, running, jogging.
  • You can also apply this paste on your body during aerobics as it keeps your heart beat fast and burn your body fat quickly.
  • You can also add coffee in this mixture because coffee circulates your blood very fast.

It is an easy and simple remedy; you can make this paste at your home.  You should try this surprising way to lose weight by using Gram flour.