Remove Freckles by Natural Whitening Mask


Get Unique Face & Remove Freckles by Natural Whitening Mask

If you are worried about your facial marks and blemishes, then try this easy remedy to remove Freckles by natural whitening mask. It totally contains natural ingredients that have no side effects.

How to Remove Freckles by Natural Whitening Mask at home


  • Grewia asiatica paste (without seeds), one tbsp
  • Sugar, one tbsp
  • Zinc oxide powder/Rice flour, one tbsp
  • Vitamin C drops, half tbsp
  • Vitamin A cream, quarter tsp
  • Water, sufficient


  1. Firstly, take a clean bowl then take a few pieces of Grewia Asiatica
  2. Now, take a blender and add them in it.
  3. Then, turn it off and get the pulp out.
  4. Now, separate the juice from the pulp.
  5. Later, take one tbsp of this pulp into the bowl.
  6. Now, add one tbsp of Sugar into the bowl.
  7. Then, add one tbsp of zinc oxide powder or Rice flour into the mixture.
  8. After that, add half tbsp of Vitamin C drops into the bowl.
  9. Then, add quarter tbsp of Vitamin A cream into the mixture.
  10. Now, add sufficient amount of water in the mixture to make a paste.
  11. Later, mix all the ingredients well.
  12. Now, take a clean container and add this paste into it for further use.
  13. Finally, the paste is ready to use.

How to use   

  1. Firstly, apply the paste on that part of the face where you have freckles
  2. Use this remedy ten to fifteen days just on freckles.
  • Then, start applying this paste on your full face.
  1. You have to wait for at least twenty minutes to let it dry.
  2. Then, wash your face with the water and soap.
  3. You can also apply this paste on children because it has no side effects.

You can remove Freckles by natural whitening mask. Just try it for one month and get amazing results.