Surprising morning drink that makes your day energetic


Surprising morning drink that makes your day energetic

No one can deny the benefits of honey. It is a gift from the nature that is not only good for health but also has great impact on the skin. If apple cider vinegar is mixed in honey, then it can use as icing for the cake. When you take this mixture in the morning time, then it left a positive impact on your body. Here, I am sharing a recipe of an amazing morning drink that makes your day refreshing and energetic.

How to make outstanding morning drink that makes your day


  • Honey (Pure), one tbsp
  • Apple cider vinegar, one tbsp
  • Water, one cup


  1. Firstly, take a large clean bowl
  2. Then, take pure honey
  3. Now, add one tbsp of honey into the bowl
  4. Then, take fresh apple cider vinegar of any good company
  5. Then, add one tbsp of apple cider vinegar into the mixture
  6. Then, add one cup of fresh water in the mixture
  7. Now, mix all the ingredients well until it look like a juice
  8. Finally, the juice is ready to drink

How to use

  • Take this drink in the every morning regularly.
  • Always drink it half an hour before eating breakfast.


  1. According to the experts, the use of this drink can make your digestive system work more efficiently.
  2. It is also useful to lose extra body weight.
  • It can cure the pain of joints and muscles.
  1. After drinking this juice, you can retain your energy and strength.
  2. It also removes the bad odor of your mouth which downs your personality and makes you feel embarrassed in front of others.
  3. It can make your skin fresh, beautiful and shiny.

You should try this morning drink that makes your day. Try to make a habit of drinking this juice every morning regularly to make you healthy and beautiful.

Surprising morning drink that makes your day energetic